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Successful TSN funds for WA Malleefowl

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29 September 2005

Successful TSN Funds for WA Malleefowl

Two WA malleefowl applications have been funded under the round 8 TSN Community Grants Program! Congratulations to the North Central Malleefowl Preservation Group for ' Signage and Baiting in the Shire of Dalwallinu for Malleefowl Conservation' and Yongergnow In. for 'Conserving Malleefowl on Habitat Remnants in WA.'

1) Signage and Baiting in the Shire of Dalwallinu:
The North Central Malleefowl Preservation Group will be helping to protect malleefowl in the Shire of Dalwallinu. The project aims to reduce the impact of foxes on malleefowl through an extensive baiting program, involving a large number of landowners. The group will also erect signage within the Dalwallinu township to raise awareness about malleefowl and along roads sustaining high numbers of malleefowl road deaths, to caution drivers where malleefowl may be on the road ahead.

2) Conserving Malleefowl in Merredin and Ongerup Yongergnow Inc in association with the Malleefowl Preservation Group, will be conducting a project to develop guidelines for the establishment and improvement of corridors for malleefowl, establish coordinated baiting in the Gnowangerup shire and promote baiting in the Merredin shire, raise conservation awaress and produce a management plan for malleefowl in the Merredin shire. This information will be made available to other groups to help improve their malleefowl conservation efforts.

Contact: Rochelle Pyle
Marketing & Communications Manager
Ph: (08) 9690 225