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Help Malleefowl Survive This Harvest - Drive the Wheatbelt with Care

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With harvest well and truly underway, keep an eye out for malleefowl, who are vulnerable to extinction, while you’re out in the paddock or driving through the Wheatbelt.

Malleefowl across the Wheatbelt are currently laying eggs and tending their mounds to ensure as many of their precious eggs hatch as possible.

This is hungry work, and malleefowl are often spotted on roads and out in paddocks as they wander out looking for food. They will make an appearance to eat spilled grain that is often concentrated at property access points in and out of paddocks and on tight bends in the road. Malleefowl aren’t known for their good road sense and accidents have become one of the many challenges that this threatened bird is facing. It’s a time to be extra vigilant on the road – particularly on tight corners.

We would love to hear about any malleefowl you see while out in the Wheatbelt – you can either complete this survey or contact us directly at If you see malleefowl on your property, we may be able to assist you with funding for materials to fence malleefowl habitat and control foxes, cats and rabbits on your property.

Check out our project page or if you would like to find out more about our Malleefowl conservation efforts.

This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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Published eNews 374, November 2022