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Checking in on school tree planting

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Healthy Environments

In July 2020 we worked with a number of schools around the Wheatbelt for Planet Ark’s School Tree Day, a part of the National Tree Day celebrations. With 2021’s National Tree Day fast approaching we wanted to check in with a few of our school partners and see how the areas were looking one year on.

Local success stories

Hyden Primary School students planted nearly 40 native plants. We are thrilled to hear that the garden has achieved a 70% survival rate.

Trayning Primary School, who planted more than 30 trees, have also had some great success. In fact, it was so successful that they are holding another planting day on Friday 30 July. The school successfully applied for a seedling grant through Planet Ark and the whole school community is invited to an on-site planting day.

A bit about National Tree Day

National Tree Day was founded as a partnership between Planet Ark and Olivia Newton-John in 1996. It is Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature protection event and aims to plant one million new trees, shrubs and grasses each year.

It is a call to action for everyone to put their fingers in the dirt and give back to the environment and the community.

If you know a school or community that would like to get involved in the 2022 event, they can apply for a grant through the Seedling Bank and contact us for support.

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