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2021: Securing A Healthy Wheatbelt Environment

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Healthy Environments

The year that was saw us working with the Wheatbelt community on 106 projects throughout the Avon River Basin. The focus is to deliver on-ground natural resource management outcomes in partnership with landholders to support Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) Woodlands, Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoos, Malleefowl and our waterways.

More Homes For Carnaby’s

2021 has seen us increase the number of nesting hollows for Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoos across the landscape. We have increased our geographic footprint that can support projects for these threatened birds.

The project requires us to get out and about checking potential nest hollows for these iconic birds. Based on the validated hollows, we are now able to work in seven discrete areas around the Avon River Basin.

More Malleefowl Mounds

You may remember the malleefowl chick hatching video from earlier in the year


We’ve since added additional active mounds to the monitoring regime and are looking forward to seeing what the motion sensor cameras reveal about this cryptic bird.

To date the motion sensor cameras continue to pick up predators on the mounds. While disheartening it is a clear call-to-arms. For Malleefowl to persist in the presence of foxes and cats that they may well need a bit of a hand.

Support For TEC Woodlands

Our TEC Woodlands project continues to attract interest from the community to get help in securing their TEC Woodland remnants.

We’re coming up to the last year of significant revegetation for this project work. Given the lack of data surrounding this relatively new listing, the team are continually upskilling and discovering new things that can help us to secure this threatened ecological community.

We’re currently working with the community on more than 60 sites to help secure TEC Woodland remnants around the Wheatbelt.


These projects are supported by funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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