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Excited about soil and land conservation

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Wheatbelt NRM is very pleased to announce that our CEO, Natarsha Woods, has been appointed to the Soil and Land Conservation Council.  Natarsha said “Soil conservation is core to NRM and across the board, there is a growing focus on soil health in our agricultural systems.  The regulations for the Act are primarily about the “notice of the intent to drain” process, and were born out of the action the community took for salinity management”.

There is a new focus in soil health on the carbon levels, the soil microbial activity and the soil’s ability to retain water.  The sustainable use of natural resources released by the Department in 2013  is as strong a call to action that we have had that current practice is taking us down a road that damages the soil, the primary asset in our agricultural systems.  This call to action is backed up by the Auditor General’s report on Salinity released last year.

The Soil and Land Conservation Act of 1945 is an oldie, it is an Act relating to the conservation of soil and land resources, and to the mitigation of the effects of erosion, salinity and flooding.  The community will always have a significant role in this work, so we are very pleased with this appointment.

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