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Productive Relationships

Ranger days employing 20 Aboriginal Rangers
Hectares planted with traditional bush tucker species
Landcare groups funded via community capacity and equipment grants
10 000
People receiving NRM information

Wheatbelt NRM’s Productive Relationships Program assists the community to engage with and understand natural resource management issues. The program is also committed to the development of environmentally sustainable lifestyles within the region. 

Wheatbelt NRM’s Productive Relationships Program aims to help the community understand and engage with natural resource management issues and increase the community’s capacity to engage in NRM activities.

The program also aims to build the capacity of the Aboriginal community in natural resource management through NRM program delivery, and to build initiatives that contribute to a sustainable regional community.

The program is committed to developing environmentally sustainable lifestyles within the region, and works to make regional natural resource management an integral part of the community’s social and economic lifestyle.

The program achieves this by:

·         promoting and distributing regular NRM news and information to the regional community via the Wheatbelt NRM website, quarterly newsletter and fortnightly e-news bulletin

·         assisting in publishing and promoting NRM information, case studies, annual calendars and reports (including the Wheatbelt NRM Annual Report)

·         building Aboriginal community capacity to engage in NRM through projects

·         increasing economic opportunities for the Aboriginal community in NRM through employment and training

·         building the capacity of Aboriginal Land Managers through the development of native bush tucker trials on their properties

·         developing a strategic vision and plan for natural resource management in the region using a resilience assessment.


Productive Relationships Projects

Current Projects

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What: Tarin Rock BioBlitz 2016

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The Regional Landcare Facilitator will engage and help develop networks with land managers, local and regional Landcare groups, farming systems or grower groups, and related community organisations to support the community within the region to achieve natural resource management outcomes.

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A systems analysis was used to understand the state of the regional environment, with community and scientific expertise engaged to determine community values that would underpin a resilience assessment. The identification of thresholds of potential concern and key NRM priorities have been documented (see link to strategy).

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The project aims to engage young people in NRM and increase their understanding of NRM issues in the region by involving them in their own environmental projects, such as using capture camera traps to capture video of catch native wildlife in local bushland.

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Bush tucker and bush medicine is important to the Noongar people and increasingly sought after by society. The establishment of trials on Aboriginal-held lands aims to build the capacity of these families and communities to grow traditional native plants that have a potential market value.

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The establishment of a Wheatbelt NRM Ranger team aims to actively employ the local Aboriginal community and get them Caring for Country through needed, hands-on NRM work.

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The Aboriginal NRM program is designed to build capacity in the regional Noongar Aboriginal community to engage in natural resource management.

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