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Business Innovations

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Wheatbelt NRM’s Business Innovation unit is taking a leadership role amidst rapidly emerging industry sectors and land-use activities in the region.

Carbon neutral business operation and accounting for natural capital requires an innovative approach to working with the community and industry. There is opportunity for genuine transformational change in land-use practices within a drying climate and to build a foundation of integrity that generates optimum landscape outcomes.

Other than helping meet national emissions reductions targets and carbon neutrality for a business, the core reason for actively sequestering carbon on-farm is to maximise the biodiversity, salinity mitigation, production, and resilience co-benefits that can result from such projects, with careful planning.

Wheatbelt NRM are committed to helping landholders and the wider community navigate carbon farming (sequestration) and natural capital accounting activities to help meet the region’s increasing environmental credentials requirements.


We achieve this by


  • Developing our capacity in the natural capital and carbon neutral sector by upskilling staff.
  • Providing carbon project advice and preparing carbon farming plans for farm-scale projects that intend to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).
  • Knowledge-sharing to empower landholders and build confidence between landholders and potential project partners.
  • Seeking new funding and partnership opportunities focused on informing natural capital accounts.
  • Building early relationships with stakeholders that are bringing offset-driven new industries to the region.
  • Fortifying a role for Wheatbelt NRM to assist stakeholders in planning natural capital projects that align with existing regional landscape priorities.
  • Strengthening networks with key government agencies and carbon sector organisations.

Carla Swift
Business Development Manager
M: 0499 800 379

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