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New Faces of the Avon Catchment Council

28 September 2005

The Avon Catchment Council (ACC) Strategy and Investment Plan outlines a new era of natural resource management for the Avon Region. This includes the addition of new staff members to assist in project delivery.

As the principal natural resource management body for the Avon Region (including the Avon, Lockhart and Yilgarn catchments) there are a number of new projects and activities identified that will be implemented in the next 12 months. This requires a number of additional staff to deliver these outcomes.

New ACC Team Members Include:
• Project Manager Chantelle Noack who has experience in waterway management and project development and delivery. Chantelle will be responsible for project contract supervision and management for several of the 15 Avon Investment Plan Projects.

• Regional Landcare Coordinator Lisa Grosskopf, whose role encompasses the promotion of sustainable agriculture in the Avon River Basin and management and development of projects funded through the National Landcare Program.

• Marketing & Communications Manager Rochelle Pyle is responsible for organising the promotion of Council projects, coordinating the distribution of information within the ACC and to external stakeholders. Rochelle will also coordinate the quarterly newsletter, weekly ACC updates, promotional activities and the ACC website.

• Local Government Liaison Officer Rebecca Palumbo will encourage and assist local government authorities to participate in the activities of the Avon Catchment Council. Rebecca has over 15 years experience in Local Government and one of her main objective in her role is to develop methods of increasing local government involvement in the ACC’s Investment Plan process. Initially Rebecca will be contacting all local government authorities in the region to meet and discuss their involvement with the ACC and to provide them with assistance to foster further participation in the activities of the Avon Catchment Council.

• Monitoring & Evaluation Manager Patricia Dames will commence her new role part time, developing methods of monitoring Avon Investment Plan projects to ensure they are achieving described outcomes, and suggesting changes where necessary.

If you would like to know more about the new staff at the ACC or particular projects that will be delivered in the next 12 months please contact Acting Program Manager Don Cummins on 9690 2250.

Contact: Rochelle Pyle
Marketing & Communications Manager
Ph: (08) 9690 2250