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Where the Wild Things Are - Support to protect the Eucalypt - Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt

Do you have a Eucalypt Woodland* you would like to protect? It may be on your property or a local community reserve or creekline.

* The Eucalypt Woodland will need to meet a range of specific criteria.

Wheatbelt NRM recognises the importance of supporting our community organisations and individuals to manage and undertake on-ground activities to protect remnant bushland and conserve biodiversity values. Our Healthy Bushland Program provides support to community groups, groups of neighbours and individuals to help cover the cost of materials for a range of activities including fencing, revegetation, bushland weed and feral animal control.

Assessment Criteria

What assistance is available? Activities that can be supported include:

Feral Animal and Weed Control in Remnant bushland

  • Herbicide for environmental weed control
  • 1080 Baiting of rabbits and foxes for 3 years or, in approved cases, phostoxin for fumigation of rabbit warrens
  • Cage traps for cats and Foxes
  • Project must demonstrate a high conservation benefit. Activities must be aimed at protection of native species and not be for the sole purpose of protecting livestock and chickens.

Fencing Remnant Vegetation

  • Funding provided for fencing materials up to $4,000 per kilometre
  • All material must be new
  • The final fence location and specification will be approved after discussion with Wheatbelt NRM
  • The fence must be stock proof and maintained as such for a minimum of 25 years
  • Funding may be available for fencing of vulnerable populations of threatened flora
  • Fenced areas of bushland must remain stock free for 25 years
  • Maintenance is the responsibility of the land holder
  • Boundary fencing will considered on a case by case basis, giving consideration to landowner’s legal responsibilities. Fencing of roadside boundaries will not be approved.

Revegetation – Biodiverse

  • We will cover 100% cost of seedlings
  • A Species list will be developed by Wheatbelt NRM based on local species
  • Seedling and seeds will be ordered from nurseries by Wheatbelt NRM to ensure quality standards are met
  • Corridors should be a minimum of 30m wide
  • Revegetation along waterways will be a minimum of 15m wide on either side of the main channel

What will not be funded:

  • External Contractors
  • Fencing along roadsides
  • Fencing of roadside boundaries
  • Machinery and equipment hire costs
  • Infrastructure such as seating, toilets and so on
  • Drainage activities
  • River crossings
  • Water points, windmills, reticulation etc.
  • On-ground works unrelated to the bushland
  • Revegetation corridors less than 30m wide
  • Control of emus and kangaroos
  • Control of wild dogs
  • Ammunition

Generally, support will be available for the purchase of materials only, with land managers providing labour and equipment as an in-kind contribution along with maintenance of the investment. Other activities may be eligible and will be considered on the merits of the activity and the benefit to biodiversity conservation.

Support Material

Where the Wild Things Are - Guidelines V2.00.pdf
12th February 2020
  • To be eligible to apply for funding you must be a legal entity, such as:
  • an incorporated organisation
  • a company
  • a trust
  • a partnership
  • a school
  • a land manager/owner
  • a local government authority
  • If you or your group are not the owner/lessee of the land, or there are any third party encumbrances on your land, you will need to get written permission from the owner/lessee for your activity. This letter should be attached to your application.
  • Timelines for completion of project activities will be negotiated between Wheatbelt NRM and successful applicants. Feral management activities will be funded for a 3-year period from initiating control activities.
  • Fencing projects must be completed within one year of signing contract unless otherwise agreed.
Delivery Organisation
Wheatbelt NRM & Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships program
Closing Date
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Amount Available
Up to $15,000