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  • Wheatbelt NRM CEO Natarsha Woods
    Healthy Environments

    Did you catch our CEO Natarsha Woods on ABC Radio recently talking about the 2017 Wheatbelt floods?


  • Weed management for revegetation sites
    Healthy Environments

    Get a head start on weed control


    With all the recent rain and germination of weeds, farm paddocks across the Wheatbelt are full of farmers in spray units, knocking down weeds.


  • 20 Million Trees - monitoring update
    Healthy Environments

    The second round of monitoring is underway for 13 revegetation sites in our ‘Avon River Basin EPBC species habitat security’ project.


  • Book review - Noongar Bush Medicine
    Aboriginal NRM

    Medicinal Plants of the South-west of Western Australia


    ‘Noongar Bush Medicine’ showcases medicinal plant species local to Perth and the Avon Wheatbelt region that are used by Noongar people.


  • Organisational

    Wheatbelt NRM will be conducting a survey in March 2017 through a Community Resource Centre near you.


    The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and all questions are voluntary.


  • Productive Relationships

    Ben Cole is Managing Director of Wide Open Agriculture.


    His vision is that in 20 years’ time, the Wheatbelt towns are full of shops, the landscape is revegetated and people can see the land has more trees and wildlife.


  • Aboriginal NRM

    Condrun | Kick Bush | Astroloma serratifolium


    Condrun is a low or erect spreading shrub between 0.1-1.2 m high and to 2 m wide. The leaves are sharply pointed with finely serrated edges. The species often grows on poorer stony or lateritic soils.


  • Organisational

    Wheatbelt NRM has recently updated its three program names to better articulate their activities and bring them in alignment with the organisation’s 3 Year Plan.


  • Livestock feed after heavy summer rains
    Sustainable Industries

    It’s coming to one of the critical times of year when lambs are dropping and ewes need high nutrition to produce good milk to get the little fellas fat. However, recent rains have washed out a lot of nutrition in the crop stubbles and weeds need to be sprayed out ready for crops leaving very little feed for livestock. Hello Autumn Feed Gap!

  • Healthy Environments

    The 3rd of March is the United Nation's World Wildlife Day.


    It’s an international day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.


  • Organisational


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    Be sure to keep an eye on our Employment and Opportunities pages as we have some exciting opportunities coming up, including: