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  • Spring Sowing Crop Walk
    Healthy Environments

    Photos from our recent 'Spring Sowing Crop Walks' looking at how Wheatbelt NRM trials of spring sown crop and pasture varieties have been growing this summer, especially with all the rain!


    Pingelly Paddock Walk - 23 February 2017

  • Noongar season - Djeran
    Aboriginal NRM

    Becoming cooler with winds from the south-west


    Traditionally, foods at this time of year included the seeds that had been collected and stored for treatment from the Zamia last season along with the root bulbs of the Yanget (Bullrushes).


  • Pasture species for heavier soil types
    Sustainable Industries

    Establishing & managing pasture species suitable for heavier soil types




  • Healthy Environments

    Red Card for Rabbits and Foxes brings together community members to help stop feral animals damaging the environment and this year Regional Men’s Health will benefit from the program.


  • Sustainable Industries

    The results are starting to trickle in post-harvest on a trial to find the best way to apply lime on Wheatbelt farmer Stephen Dolton’s Bruce Rock property.


  • Enews #237 - Out Now!

    Featuring:  Funding  |  Events  |  Sustainable Industries  |  Healthy Environments  |  Aboriginal NRM  |  Productive Relationships  

  • Healthy Environments

    Calyptorhynchus latirostris  |  Short-billed Cockatoo, White-tailed Black Cockatoo, Rainbird or Ngoorlak




  • Aboriginal NRM

    The Wongup is also known as Quandong and is a unique native fruiting tree that grows up to 7m.


    It is a hemiparasitic plant; attaching to the roots of another plant and using it as a water and nutrient source. One plant can attach to a number of host plants for survival.


  • Sustainable Industries

    Improving soil health and carbon sequestration of degraded soils when sown to mixed perennial shrubs


  • Summer rain ideal for summer crop trial
    Sustainable Industries

    Wheatbelt farmer Stephen Smith has chosen an absolute ripper of a year to trial summer cropping program on his Cunderdin farm.


    The four winter cropping varieties sown in the summer months will be grazed for livestock feed to help bridge the autumn feed gap.


  • Organisational

    Featuring:  Funding  |  Events  |  Sustainable Industries  |  Healthy Environments  |  Aboriginal NRM  |  Productive Relationships  

  • Sustainable Industries

    Recent widespread rainfall in Western Australia has caused damage to agricultural businesses across the regions.


    The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) is working with local government and other government departments to provide support to affected landholders.