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The Australian Master TreeGrower Program is a na-tionally recognised training program for land manag-ers wishing to learn more about integrating trees and tree crops as part of their farming system. This course runs over 8 days spread over five weeks. Par-ticipants are exposed to all aspects of tree growing from matching tree spe-cies to specific sites, correct configura-tion and placement for natural NRM benefits, economics, design, potential markets and exposing participants to others with experience. The 2011 Wheatbelt Master TreeGrower Pro-gram was tailored for the WA Wheat-belt conditions, containing some more “advanced” elements and modules. It enabled participants to learn about landscape planning, design and orienta-tion of trees. The course aimed to teach participants much needed practical skills to design their proper-ties, recognise and address issues and to have a more informed approach to tree crops as part of
their agricultural systems.